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Christmas Lessons in Carols (December 30, 2018)

Lessons In Carols

At Christmas time we sing many songs.  Songs that are beloved. Songs that take us back to our childhoods, the whole family singing the carols at full volume, even if Dad couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  We sing them in nursing homes and on porches across our community. More importantly, we sing them in church.

But carols are more than just a fun song to sing.  Their words are meant to tell a story that will be remembered as you sing them every year.  And that is our purpose today. So join in singing, with a loud and joyful voice, no matter how well you sing, as we celebrate the Long Expected Jesus.

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus UMH 196

Our story begins in a little town called Bethlehem on a cold and star filled night.  In the small Judean town existed an unimportant house filled with visitors. Within that house existed a stable for the traveler’s animals.  And within that manger sat a miracle; True God of True God, Light from Light Eternal, the Son of the Father. And all around Angels were calling for All the Faithful to come and behold the King…

O Come, All Ye Faithful UMH 234, vs 1-3

In the fields around Bethlehem were night shepherds looking over the grazing flocks of sheep.  There was nothing special about these shepherds. In fact they were painfully ordinary. But on this night that would all change.  As these shepherd came running back into the town singing of what they had seen, and heard, from the Angels up on high.

Angels We Have Heard on High UMH 238

All who saw what was happening were in awe and wonder.  All were feeling joy and peace in their hearts. Yet no one quite knew what all of this meant.  Just what was happening? What was all this activity around a peasent’s newborn. Everyone, from shepherds to kings were focused on this newborn.  What child was this?

What Child Is This? UMH 219

As time went on, they began to understand just what had happened; and why they were rejoicing, with all their heart and their soul and their voice.  Something miraculous had happened right here in their little town. There was News to hear: Jesus Christ was born this day to save the world!

Good Christian Friends, Rejoice UMH 224

For the next 2000 years the news has spread from Bethlehem, to Jerusalem, to Israel, and more until it arrived here to me and to you.  And now it is up to us to continue the story; and to shout far and wide about the child born in Bethlehem. It is our duty to go and tell it from the mountaintops that Jesus Christ is born!

Go Tell it On the Mountain UMH 251

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