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Thank you for visiting our website for information about Spring Hill UMC. I’ve been the pastor here since July 2021. I’m also on the staff at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection as Pastor of Senior Adult Ministries. 

My Story

Before moving to Kansas in 2017, I was a pastor in Tucson for 14 years. The Midwest is much different from the desert southwest, but it enjoys a kind of beauty all its own.  We’re loving our Kansas life.

I know that the pastor plays a big role in choosing where to worship. Here’s the short story of my life: I was brought up in the church, but stopped going in middle school. I started attending again when I was in college at Arizona State getting my bachelor's in social work. I started working as a youth director in 1992 and was hooked. I felt God calling me to serve the church as my vocation.

If you’re looking for the perfect pastor who has life together and never struggles, you need to go to a different church.  I’m not that kind of pastor. I hope the words “authentic, transparent, and honest” mark my ministry. While the phrase “hot mess” most often describes me, the three words I hope will mark the way I live are “acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.” Since I am apt to forget how to live into those three characteristics, I had them tattooed on my hip.

After I became divorced and rose out of an incredible darkness, I met Jonathan Bell at the Church of the Resurrection’s leadership conference. We were married in 2017 and combined our 6 kids to form something close to the Brady Bunch. Jonathan’s sister, Laura, also lives with us. She’s an active 50-ish-year-old who has Down Syndrome. Jonathan and I have the best love story, so be sure to ask me about it. 

I love coffee, playing the piano, reading non-fiction, watching dark TV shows, teaching cycling classes, and hammocking. Most of all, I love working with God’s people, listening to their stories, and forming communities to be supportive and loving of each other, but especially those who are marginalized and outcasts. I look forward to hearing your story as we walk the path of discipleship together.


I'm always looking for new ways to connect with you!