The worship experience for the weeks of Social Distancing can be found here.

Good morning.  Looking ahead at the weather, we are looking at probably having negative temperatures at the time worship begins.  In addition to that, the weather channel is predicting several inches of snow, and the best I can tell there's a significant chance that snow begins prior to the end of worship.


I do not want anyone to get stranded in the sub-0 on the way to or from church, and snow only increases that chance.  In an abundance of caution I am cancelling in person worship for Sunday February 14, 2021.  There will be 2 options to worship virtually.


First, you can join a zoom meeting at 9:30 am using the information that follows.  Secondly, the traditional video will hopefully be up on Facebook, Youtube, and the website right at 10:45.


Zoom info: Please send a message through the contact us tab

Stay safe and stay warm.


God bless you,


Pastor Michael Brown

Announcement for return to in person worship, beginning January 17, 2021

Greetings in the Name of Christ.  After much prayer, thought, and in conversation with our council, I have decided to return to in person worship beginning this Sunday January 17.  We will remain in person unless gatherings over 20 are discouraged by the government (I will not use a religious exemption for a pandemic).  We will be masked, distanced, and will sing one hymn at the end, as we were before returning to remote in November.

If you are uncomfortable meeting in person at this or any time, I want to reiterate my express permission to stay home (and obviously if you don't feel well, please stay home!).  The videos will continue to go up on Sunday afternoon, and I've even found a way to make them smaller in size and therefore will be able to get them online sooner.  I will not be offended if you feel that is how you need to worship.

I look forward to worshiping God with you however you join for worship.

God bless you,

Pastor Michael Brown

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